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  • 423-39-2

    Perfluorobutyl iodide CAS 423-39-2

    TNJ Chemical specializes in Perfluorobutyl iodide CAS 423-39-2 for 20 years, with rich experience, high quality, and competitive price. As a professional manufacturer and supplier, we have our own professional technology team to meet any of your requirements in quality and technology. If you want to buy Perfluorobutyl iodide CAS 423-39-2 or look for price quotation.

  • CAS 507-63-1

    Perfluorooctyl iodide CAS 507-63-1

    TNJ Chemical is a China chemical factory supplier where you can buy Perfluorooctyl iodide CAS 507-63-1 at competitive price ! With factory plant in Feidong Anhui since from 2001, we export high quality chemical at good price regularly to wordwide such as Korea, UAE, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Germany, Syria, Nigeria etc and receive good comments. If you need to buy Perfluorooctyl iodide CAS 507-63-1 or find product information TDS MSDS etc.

  • CAS 2645-08-1

    Ethyl N-benzoyl-L-argininate hydrochloride CAS 2645-08-1

    Chemical name: Ethyl N-benzoyl-L-argininate hydrochloride CAS No.: 2645-08-1 Synonyms: 2-Pentanone, 4-mercapto-4-methyl-;4-mercapto-4-methyl-2-pentanon; Molecular Formula:C15H23ClN4O3 Molecuar Weight:342.82 EINECS: 220-157-0

  • CAS 6334-18-5

    2,3-Dichlorobenzaldehyde CAS 6334-18-5

    2,3-Dichlorobenzaldehyde is a drug intermediate for felodipine, and also a dye intermediate. Chemical name: 2,3-dichloro-benzaldehyd CAS No.6334-18-5 Synonyms:2,3-dichloro-benzaldehyd Molecular Formula: C7H4Cl2O Molecuar Weight:175.01 EINECS:228-711-3

  • CAS 7095-16-1

    Magnesium methacrylate CAS 7095-16-1

    TNJ Chemical specializes in MAGNESIUM METHACRYLATE CAS 7095-16-1 for 20 years, with rich experience, high quality, and competitive price. As a professional manufacturer and supplier. If you want to buy MAGNESIUM METHACRYLATE CAS 7095-16-1 or look for price quotation, please contact sales@tnjchem.com

  • CAS 8024-32-6

    Avocado oil CAS 8024-32-6

    Avocado oil CAS 8024-32-6, also known as avocado, belongs to Lauraceae, avocado is an evergreen tree, and is also one of the woody oil trees. Avocados are rich in trace metal elements such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium, Chemicalbook selenium, etc.

  • CAS 25932-11-0

    Benzenesulfinic acid sodium salt dihydrate CAS 25932-11-0

    Brief introduction of Benzenesulfinic acid sodium salt dihydrate CAS 25932-11-0  Molecular Formula: C6H5O2S.Na Molecuar Weight:164.16  EINECS: 212-842-8

  • CAS 19872-52-7

    4-Mercapto-4-methylpentan-2-one CAS 19872-52-7

    4-Mercapto-4-methylpentan-2-one CAS 19872-52-7, It is light yellow liquid. It has a strong fragrance of fresh fruits and green leaves. he boiling point is 150~152℃, or 47℃ (2266Pa), and the flash point is 37.8℃. 

  • CAS 119-67-5

    2-Carboxybenzaldehyde CAS 119-67-5

    Chemical name: 2-Carboxybenzaldehyde  CAS No.:119-67-5 Molecular Formula: C8H6O3 Molecuar Weight: 150.13 EINECS: 204-342-3

  • CAS 87199-17-5

    4-Formylphenylboronic acid CAS 87199-17-5

    Chemical name: 4-Formylphenylboronic acid CAS No.:87199-17-5 Synonyms: 4-Boronobenzaldehyde Molecular Formula: C7H7BO3 Molecuar Weight: 149.94 EINECS: 438-670-5