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  •  CAS 115-41-3

    Pyrocatechol Violet CAS 115-41-3

    Brief introduction of Pyrocatechol Violet CAS 115-41-3 Chemical name: Pyrocatechol Violet CAS No.:115-41-3 Synonyms: Catechol violet Molecular Formula: C19H14O7S Molecuar Weight: 386.38 EINECS: 204-088-3

  • CAS 619-66-9

    4-Formylbenzoic acid CAS 619-66-9

    Buy 4-Formylbenzoic acid CAS 619-66-9 Terephthalaldehydic Acid from TNJ Chemical, China leading 4-Formylbenzoic acid CAS 619-66-9 suppliers, factory & manufacturers. If you want to buy 4-Formylbenzoic acid CAS 619-66-9, please mail to sales@tnjchem.com

  • CAS 113-48-4

    N-(2-Ethylhexyl)-5-norbornene-2,3-dicarboximide CAS 113-48-4

    Chemical name: N-(2-Ethylhexyl)-5-norbornene-2,3-dicarboximide CAS No.:113-48-4 Synonyms: MGK264 Molecular Formula: C17H25NO2 Molecuar Weight: 275.39 EINECS: 204-029-1 This product can be used as a synergist for pyrethrin, allethrin and rotenone, and the dosage is 5-10 times the amount of pyrethrin;

  • CAS 164298-23-1

    TFHH CAS 164298-23-1

    Chemical name: Fluoro-N,N,N',N'-tetramethylformamidinium hexafluorophosphate CAS No.: 164298-23-1 Synonyms: Tetramethylfluoroformamidiniun hexafluorophosphate ; TFFH Molecular Formula: C5H12F7N2P Molecular Weight: 264.12

  • CAS 68140-01-2

    Cocamidopropyl Dimethylamine CAS 68140-01-2

    Brief introduction of COCAMIDOAMINE CAS 68140-01-2 Chemical name: COCAMIDOAMINE  CAS No.:68140-01-2 Synonyms: PKO Molecular Formula: C17H20N4O2 Molecuar Weight: 312.3663 EINECS: 268-771-8

  • CAS 84057-81-8

    Methacrylic acid zirconium salt CAS 84057-81-8

    Brief introduction of Methacrylic acid zirconium salt CAS 84057-81-8 Chemical name: Methacrylic acid zirconium salt CAS No.:84057-81-8 Synonyms: Zirconyl dimethacrylate Molecular Formula: C4H6O2.xZr Molecuar Weight: 0 EINECS: 281-898-3 Properties of Methacrylic acid zirconium salt CAS 84057-81-8 Methacrylic acid zirconium salt is white powder appearance,it is metal organics.

  • CAS 916809-14-8

    NPTPT CAS 916809-14-8

    N-Propylphosphorothioic triamide NPTPT CAS 916809-14-8 is white to off-white crystalline powder appearance,it  is chemical intermediate used for soil urease inhibitor. Brief introduction of NPTPT CAS 916809-14-8Chemical name: NPTPT CAS No.:916809-14-8 Synonyms: N-(N-Propyl)thiophosphoric triamide Molecular Formula: C3H12N3PS Molecuar Weight: 153.19

  • CAS 2892-62-8

    Dibutyl squarate CAS 2892-62-8

    Brief introduction of Dibutyl squarate CAS 2892-62-8 Chemical name: 3,4-DI-N-BUTOXY-3-CYCLOBUTEN-1,2-DIONE CAS No.2892-62-8 Synonyms: 3,4-DI-N-BUTOXY-3-CYCLOBUTEN-1,2-DIONE Molecular Formula: C12H18O4 Molecuar Weight:226.27 Properties of Dibutyl squarate CAS 2892-62-8 Dibutyl squarate is Squaric acid

  • Potassium Dodecyl Sulphate CAS 4706-78-9 suppliers

    Potassium Dodecyl Sulphate CAS 4706-78-9

    Potassium Dodecyl Sulphate CAS 4706-78-9 Potassium Lauryl Sulfate is white to yellowish powder or flake or acicular crystals appearance. It has a slight odor. Soluble in water. The aqueous solution is colorless and transparent to translucent. It is used for washing products anionic surface active agent. As a detergent, emulsifier, foaming agent and other widely used.

  • CAS 83763-48-8

    5-(2-Hydroxyethylamino)-2-methoxylaniline sulfate CAS 83763-48-8

    Brief introduction of 5-(2-Hydroxyethylamino)-2-methoxylaniline sulfate CAS 83763-48-8 Chemical name: 5-(2-Hydroxyethylamino)-2-methoxylaniline sulfate CAS No.:83763-48-8 Molecular Formula: C9H16N2O6S Molecuar Weight: 280.3 EINECS: 280-734-8