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  • CAS 2892-62-8

    Dibutyl squarate CAS 2892-62-8

    Brief introduction of Dibutyl squarate CAS 2892-62-8 Chemical name: 3,4-DI-N-BUTOXY-3-CYCLOBUTEN-1,2-DIONE CAS No.2892-62-8 Synonyms: 3,4-DI-N-BUTOXY-3-CYCLOBUTEN-1,2-DIONE Molecular Formula: C12H18O4 Molecuar Weight:226.27 Properties of Dibutyl squarate CAS 2892-62-8 Dibutyl squarate is Squaric acid

  • Potassium Dodecyl Sulphate CAS 4706-78-9 suppliers

    Potassium Dodecyl Sulphate CAS 4706-78-9

    Potassium Dodecyl Sulphate CAS 4706-78-9 Potassium Lauryl Sulfate is white to yellowish powder or flake or acicular crystals appearance. It has a slight odor. Soluble in water. The aqueous solution is colorless and transparent to translucent. It is used for washing products anionic surface active agent. As a detergent, emulsifier, foaming agent and other widely used.

  • CAS 83763-48-8

    5-(2-Hydroxyethylamino)-2-methoxylaniline sulfate CAS 83763-48-8

    Brief introduction of 5-(2-Hydroxyethylamino)-2-methoxylaniline sulfate CAS 83763-48-8 Chemical name: 5-(2-Hydroxyethylamino)-2-methoxylaniline sulfate CAS No.:83763-48-8 Molecular Formula: C9H16N2O6S Molecuar Weight: 280.3 EINECS: 280-734-8

  • CAS 71-48-7

    Cobalt acetate CAS 71-48-7

    Brief introduction of Cobalt acetate CAS 71-48-7 Chemical name: Cobalt acetate  CAS No.:71-48-7 Synonyms: COBALT(II) ACETATE Molecular Formula: C4H6CoO4 Molecuar Weight:177.02 EINECS: 200-755-8

  • CAS 81-63-0

    1,4-Diamino-2,3-dihydroanthraquinone CAS 81-63-0

    1,4-Diamino-2,3-dihydroanthraquinone CAS 81-63-0 is a deep purple needle crystal (in pyridine) or purple crystal. It is anthraquinone-derived dyes are mixed products produced by burning a mixture of red and purple smoke. It is soluble in benzene, pyridine, nitrobenzene, aniline, and slightly soluble in hot acetic acid and ethanol.

  • CAS 546-89-4

    Lithium Acetate CAS 546-89-4

    Lithium Acetate CAS 546-89-4 Acetic Acid Lithium Salt is white crystal appearance. Soluble in water and alcohol. It is used for the separation of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids in the preparation of diuretics in the pharmaceutical industry. Materials for lithium ion batteries.

  • CAS 123-01-3

    Dodecylbenzene CAS 123-01-3

    Brief introduction of Dodecylbenzene CAS 123-01-3 Chemical name: DODECYLBENZENE  CAS No.:123-01-3 Synonyms: ALKYLBENZENE Molecular Formula: C18H30 Molecuar Weight:246.43 EINECS: 204-591-8

  • CAS 22551-24-2

    2-(Methylthio)acetamide CAS 22551-24-2

    Properties of 2-(Methylthio)acetamide CAS 22551-24-2 2 - (acetylmercaptan) acetamide is a chemical substance with the chemical formula c4h7no2s Brief introduction of 2-(Methylthio)acetamide CAS 22551-24-2 Chemical name: 2-(Methylthio)acetamide CAS No.:22551-24-2 Synonyms: 22551-24-2 Molecular Formula: C3H7NOS Molecuar Weight:105.16 EINECS: -

  • CAS 10028-22-5

    Polymerized Ferrous Sulfate CAS 10028-22-5

    Polymerized Ferrous Sulfate CAS 10028-22-5 Ferric Sulfate is yellow to yellowish-brown powder appearance. Soluble in water. Sparingly soluble in alcohol. Almost insoluble in acetone and ethyl acetate. Insoluble in sulfuric acid and ammonia. It is a kind of alkali sulphate, is a new generation of environmentally friendly products.

  • CAS 5561-99-9

    Cis-11-Eicosenoic Acid CAS 5561-99-9

    Cis-11-Eicosenoic Acid CAS 5561-99-9 Gondoic Acid is light yellow or brown transparent oily liquid appearance. It is a monounsaturated long-chain fatty acid found in a variety of vegetable oils and nuts.