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  • price of Basic Red 1:1 CAS 3068-39-1

    Basic Red 1:1 CAS 3068-39-1

    Brief introduction of Basic Red 1:1 CAS 3068-39-1 Chemical name:Basic Red 1:1 CAS No.:3068-39-1 Molecular Formula: C27H29ClN2O3 Molecuar Weight: 464.98376 EINECS:221-326-1 red to brown crystal powder.

  • factory price CAS 49625-94-7

    Sodium 3-(benzothiazol-2-ylthio)-1-propanesulfonate 49625-94-7

    Sodium 3-(benzothiazol-2-ylthio)-1-propanesulfonate CAS 49625-94-7 is acidic copper plating brightener, used in conjunction with polyether and wetting agent to obtain bright and ductile plating. At the same time, it can also be used for electroless plating of precious metals, and can also be used as an electroplating stabilizer to prevent disordered deposition.

  • where to buy china CAS 102-08-9

    1,3-Diphenyl-2-thiourea CAS 102-08-9

    Application of 1,3-Diphenyl-2-thiourea CAS 102-08-9 Used as a fast vulcanization accelerator for natural rubber latex and neoprene latex. Used as a reagent for the determination of osmium and ruthenium, a sulfur slurry accelerator, and also used in the dye industry

  • good price Aluminum acetylacetonate CAS 13963-57-0

    Aluminum acetylacetonate CAS 13963-57-0

    Aluminum acetylacetonate CAS 13963-57-0 is a white crystalline powder, hardly soluble in petroleum ether, but also soluble in chloroform, ethanol and ether can be used as a catalyst and crosslinking agent. Can also be used as an intermediate in organic synthesis.

  • factory price CAS 78-26-2

    2-Methyl-2-propyl-1,3-propanediol CAS 78-26-2

    Brief introduction of 2-Methyl-2-propyl-1,3-propanediol CAS 78-26-2 Chemical name: 2-Methyl-2-propyl-1,3-propanediol CAS No.:78-26-2 Molecular Formula: C7H16O2 Molecuar Weight: 132.2 EINECS:201-099-5

  • good price Pine bark extract CAS 133248-87-0

    Pine bark extract CAS 133248-87-0

    Pine bark extract CAS 133248-87-0 is a fine powder with fluidity, slightly reddish brown, aromatic, and slightly astringent. It is very stable in a dry environment and can be stored in the dark for up to 5 years, of which only 1% of proanthocyanidins are lost

  • factory price Flufenoxuron CAS 101463-69-8

    Flufenoxuron CAS 101463-69-8

    Flufenoxuron CAS 101463-69-8 is used to prevent and control pests and mites on apples, citrus and other fruit trees and vegetables, cotton and other plants, against spider mites, rust mites (rust spiders), leaf miners, diamondback moths, cabbage caterpillars, cotton bollworms, heartworms, Pests such as noctuids and locusts have good control effects

  • good price CAS 13001-39-3

    1,4-Bis(2-cyanostyryl)benzene CAS 13001-39-3

    Application of 1,4-Bis(2-cyanostyryl)benzene CAS 13001-39-3 Packing, Delivery and Storage of 1,4-Bis(2-cyanostyryl)benzene CAS 13001-39-3 Package: 200kg drum, or as per customer request. Storage conditions: store in a cool and dry place.

  • good price of CAS 13001-38-2

    1-(2-Cyanostyryl)-4-(4-cyanostyryl)benzene CAS 13001-38-2

    Application of 1-(2-Cyanostyryl)-4-(4-cyanostyryl)benzene CAS 13001-38-2 1-(2-Cyanostyryl)-4-(4-cyanostyryl)benzene is used for whitening and brightening of blended fabrics such as polyester, polyester cotton, polyester yarn, polyester yarn, polyester wool, polyester linen, etc., and also used for whitening and brightening in artificial leather, coatings and other industries

  • CAS 620-02-0 price 5-methylfurfural

    5-Methyl furfural CAS 620-02-0

    Properties of 5-Methyl furfural CAS 620-02-0 5-Methyl furfural is a slightly yellow transparent liquid, b.p. 72~73℃/1.5kpa (or 187℃), n20D 1.5307, relative density 1.1070, soluble in benzene, toluene, carbon tetrachloride and other solvents, but insoluble in water.