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  • china price 3-aminobenzoic acid CAS 99-05-8

    3-aminobenzoic acid CAS 99-05-8

    3-aminobenzoic acid CAS 99-05-8 is mainly used in the synthesis of pharmaceutical intermediates. It is white or light yellow crystal. M-aminobenzoic acid is easily soluble in acetone, soluble in boiling water, hot alcohol, hot chloroform and ether, slightly soluble in cold water, cold alcohol and cold chloroform, insoluble in benzene and gasoline. It tastes sweet and can be sublimated .

  • best price m-Tolyldiethanolamine CAS 91-99-6

    m-Tolyldiethanolamine CAS 91-99-6

    Chemical name: m-Tolyldiethanolamine CAS No.:91-99-6 Synonyms: MTDEA Molecular Formula: C11H17NO2 Molecuar Weight: 195.26 EINECS: 202-114-8 Properties of m-Tolyldiethanolamine CAS 91-99-6 m-Tolyldiethanolamine is light yellow crystal, used as dye intermediate.

  • CAS 5162-03-8 2-Chlorobenzophenone

    (2-Chlorophenyl)phenyl-methanone CAS 5162-03-8

    Brief introduction of CAS 5162-03-8 2-Chlorobenzophenone Chemical name: (2-Chlorophenyl)phenyl-methanone CAS No.:5162-03-878418-01-6 Synonyms: (2-Chlorophenyl)phenyl-methanone Molecular Formula: C13H9ClO Molecuar Weight: 216.66 EINECS: 225-936-9 (2-Chlorophenyl)phenyl-methanone is Flake crystal. Melting point 52-56 ℃, boiling point 330 ℃, 185-188 ℃ (1.73kpa).  

  • best price of CAS 22020-14-0

    N-methyl-N-octyldecylamine CAS 22020-14-0

    Chemical name: N-methyl-N-octyldecylamine CAS No.:22020-14-0 Molecular Formula:C19H41N Molecuar Weight: 283.54 EINECS: 244-724-7 Properties of N-methyl-N-octyldecylamine CAS 22020-14-0 N-methyl-N-octyldecylamine is transparent liquid appearance,it is widely used in bactericidal preservative.

  • China price Ethyl methyl sulfide CAS 624-89-5

    Ethyl methyl sulfide CAS 624-89-5

    Brief introduction of Ethyl methyl sulfide CAS 624-89-5 Chemical name: Methylthioethane (MES) CAS No.624-89-5 Molecular Formula: C3H8S Molecuar Weight: 76.16 EINECS: 210-868-4 Methylthioethane (MES) also known as ethyl formate sulfide, molecular formula is C3H8S, molecular weight is 76.1606. 

  • factory price CAS 17481-27-5

    3-Amino-4-methoxybenzamide CAS 17481-27-5

    Chemical name: 3-Amino-4-methoxybenzamide CAS No.:17481-27-5 Molecular Formula: C8H10N2O2 Molecuar Weight: 166.18 EINECS: 241-497-6 3-Amino-4-methoxybenzamide is light beige powder appearance,mainly used as a developer for dyeing and printing cotton fabrics.

  • Best price 2-Methylthiazole CAS 3581-87-1

    2-Methylthiazole CAS 3581-87-1

    Chemical name: 2-Methylthiazole CAS No.3581-87-1 Molecular Formula: C4H5NS Molecuar Weight: 99.15 EINECS: 222-702-8   Properties of 2-Methylthiazole CAS 3581-87-1 2-Methylthiazole is Flavors and fragrances.

  • china price N-Acetyl-DL-tyrosine CAS 2901-77-1

    N-Acetyl-DL-tyrosine CAS 2901-77-1

    Chemical name: N-Acetyl-DL-tyrosine CAS No.:2901-77-1 Molecular Formula: C11H13NO4 Molecuar Weight: 223.23 EINECS: - N-Acetyl-DL-tyrosine is white powder appearance,it is used in food industry and pharmaceutical industry. 

  • China 2,4-Dimethylimidazole CAS 930-62-1 price

    2,4-Dimethylimidazole CAS 930-62-1

    Chemical name: 2,4-Dimethylimidazole CAS No.:930-62-1 Molecular Formula: C5H8N2 Molecuar Weight: 96.13 EINECS: 213-221-4 2,4-Dimethylimidazole is intermediates of pharmaceutical raw materials. 

  • factory price CAS 22884-10-2

    Imidazol-1-yl-acetic acid CAS 22884-10-2

    Chemical name: Imidazol-1-yl-acetic acid CAS No.:22884-10-2 Molecular Formula: C5H6N2O2 Molecuar Weight: 126.11 EINECS: 607-175-8 Properties of Imidazol-1-yl-acetic acid CAS 22884-10-2 Imidazol-1-yl-acetic acid is white crystal,used as intermediate of raw material medicine zoledronic acid.