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  • Buy Tin tetrachloride from China supplier at Best Factory Price suppliers

    Buy Tin tetrachloride from China supplier at Best Factory Price

    Tin tetrachloride CAS 7646-78-8 Anhydrous stannic chloride is a colorless liquid liquid - 33 ℃, melting point, boiling point 114.1 ℃. Density of 2.226 g/cm after. But with carbon tetrachloride, ethanol, benzene miscibility, soluble in water, soluble in gasoline, carbon disulfide, turpentine and most organic solvents.

  • Cumyl hydroperoxide factory

    Buy Cumyl hydroperoxide from China supplier at best factory price

    Cumyl hydroperoxide ( CAS: 80-15-9) is an organic Peroxide; Synthetic Organic Chemistry,used in ethylene cracking gas removing arsenic and ABS grafted polymerization initiator.

  • Buy Dibutyl phthalate

    Buy Dibutyl phthalate 99.5% at factory price from China suppliers

    Do you know where to buy Dibutyl phthalate 99.5% at competitive price? Maybe you are searching around to look for Dibutyl phthalate. TNJ Chemical is strongly recommended because it is the key Dibutyl phthalate factory and suppliers from China since 2001. If you need to know more, please contact sales@tnjchem.com

  • n-Butyl acetate suppliers

    n-Butyl acetate

    n-Butyl acetate CAS 123-86-4 is a transparent liquid, without suspended impurities. Butyl acetate is slight soluble in water, and soluble in most alcohols and ethers. Its boiling point is at 126.1 ℃ under normal temperature. Butyl acetate is not only used as solvent in coating, lacquer, printing ink, adhesive, leatheroid or nitrocellulose.

  • Methylenebis(diphenylphosphine) suppliers


    Methylenebis(diphenylphosphine) CAS 2071-20-7 is white powder or crystalline powder. It is mainly used as - Pharmaceutical intermediate and also used for Organic synthesis catalyst.

  • 2-tert-Butyl-p-cresol suppliers


    2-tert-Butyl-p-cresol CAS 2409-55-4 is colorless crysta,it is maily used in making antioxidant 2246,2246-S,2246-2S and absorbefacient of ultraviolet radiation UV-326 etc.

  • Oenothera biennis suppliers

    Oenothera biennis

    Oenothera biennis CAS 90028-66-3 (common evening-primrose, evening star, or sun drop) is a species of Oenothera native to eastern and central North America, from Newfoundland west to Alberta, southeast to Florida, and southwest to Texas, and widely naturalized elsewhere in temperate and subtropical regions. Evening primrose oil is produced from the plant.

  • Tritolyl phosphate suppliers

    Tritolyl phosphate

    Tritolyl phosphate CAS 1330-78-5 is colorless to pale yellow liquid. Mainly used in PVC, PE, conveyor belts, leather, wire and cable, and flame-retardant synthetic resin. Can also be used in gasoline additive,lubricant additive.

  • Ethacridine lactate monohydrate suppliers

    Ethacridine lactate monohydrate

    Ethacridine lactate (CAS 6402-23-9) is an aromatic organic compound based on acridine. Its formal name is 2-ethoxy-6,9-diaminoacridine monolactate monohydrate. It forms orange-yellow crystals with a melting point of 226 °C and it has a stinging smell.

  • Tetrachloroethylene suppliers


    Tetrachloroethylene CAS 127-18-4, known as PCE, olorless transparent liquid. Miscible with alcohol, ether, chloroform, benzene, hexane. It dissolves in most of the fixed and volatile oils. Solubility in water: 0.015 g/100 ml at 25℃.  It slowly decomposes in water to yield Trichloroacetic and Hydrochloric acids.