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Potassium Humate
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    45% l 55% l 65%
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Physical Information

Appearance                      Black powder

Solubility                           Easily soluble in water


Appearance                     Black powder, soluble in water
Content, %                      ≥45.00 l 55.00% l 65.00%
Water, %                         13.00 ~ 15.00
Solubility, %                     ≥85.00
Potassium oxide, %         8.00 ~ 10.00
PH value                          9.00 ~ 10.00
Finese, mesh                   80 ~ 100


1) In agriculture field, used as soil conditioner (as organic fertilizer).

2) In the mineral processing industry, used as a mineral inhibitor.

3) In aquaculture field, used as an aquatic environment modifier.


25kg per PP bag or kraft paper bag, or as per customer's request

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      Potassium Humate
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