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Polyquaternium-10 CAS 68610-92-4

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Where to Buy Polyquaternium-10 PQ-10 CAS 68610-92-4 from TNJ Chemical, China leading Polyquaternium-10 suppliers, factory & manufacturers. If you want to find Polyquaternium-10 suppliers CAS 68610-92-4, please mail to sales@tnjchem.com

Polyquaternium-10 CAS 68610-92-4 is a water-soluble cationic polymer compatible with all kinds of surfactant. With good performances of thickening, colloid stability, antistatic, moisturization, lubrication, it can repair damaged hair, and impart good moisturization and manageability to hair, as well as reduce irritation caused by surfactants, recover skin’s self-protection, impart skin moisture, lubricity and a elegant afterfeel.

- Substantively to hair and skin, easing to stimulate
- Imparts smooth, rich feel to hair and skin
- Forms clear aqueous solutions and non-tacky continuous films
- Improves wet comb ability, repair hair tip branching
- Improves gloss and anti-static properties on hair


Appearance                           Light yellow powder

Viscidity(25  °C 2%mpa.s)     300-500

PH  value(25 °C  2%)             5.5-6.5

Nityogen content                   1.7-2.2

Ash(Nacl%)                           6.0 max

DryLoss(105 °C  2h%)           6.0 max


Used in skin care, can keep the skin moist and prevent cracking of the skin, keep skin smooth and soft,improve the skin UV resistance, excellent moisturizing prop For hair, strong affinity, repair split ends hair, the hair on the formation of a transparent, continuous film. It also can provide excellent moisturizing properties, improve damaged hair.

When used in hair care products,
a. Affinitive to hair, repair split-end and tangle of hair.
b. Form a transparent, continuous and non-tacky film.
c. Improve dry and wet combablitiy of hair and soft feeling and manageability.
d. Reduce irritation to eye caused by surfactants.
e. Compatibility with all kinds of surfactant, widely used.


1. Cationic cellulose has the particular conditioning ability. It can repair the damage hair, make the hair feel smooth and look health. It can improve the hair from marcel.

2. It can compound with cationic surfactant to protect the eyes and skin from stimulation.

3. The cationic cellulose has the excellent increasing thickness added in the products. It has been used widely in cosmetic products.

4. The suggested concentration is 0.1-0.5%.


25kg bag, 20mt per 20FCL

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