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Perillaldehyde CAS 18031-40-8
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Do you want to buy Perillaldehyde CAS 18031-40-8 from China factory suppliers? (S)-(-)-Perillaldehyde can be used as flavor formula widely in our daily life. If you want to buy Perillaldehyde please contact [email protected]


Appearance    Colorless to light yellow liquid

Purity            98% Min


Perilla aldehyde is very widely used, it can be used to prepare lemon, spearmint and other flavor formula, and soap, perfume, detergent, cosmetics and other daily chemical flavor formula, also can be used as agricultural sterilization agent and pesticide.


160kg/drum or according to per client’s requirements

Safety & Storage & Handling

Stored in dry, shady and cool place. Keep from fire and heat. Keep the temperature under 30℃.

Keep from sunlight. To seal up in the package.

* Please refer to MSDS for more information about Safety, Storage and Transportation.

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      Perillaldehyde CAS 18031-40-8
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