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Nylon 6 Polyamide 6 CAS 25038-54-4
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    25 kgs

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Where to buy Nylon 6 Polyamide 6 CAS 25038-54-4? Nylon 6 Polyamide 6 is the world's first developed synthetic fiber products, with excellent hygroscopicity, good color, high strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and other excellent properties. If you need Nylon 6, please contact [email protected]


Appearance       White crystal

Assay,%            ≥99.0


Widely used in gears, bearings, pipes, medical equipment and electrical insulation materials. The pharmaceutical industry is used as a raw material for synthetic drugs. Organic industry is used to make lysine and so on. Used as a solvent in chemical production. Analytical chemistry used as a gas chromatography fixative. For the preparation of caprolactam resin, polycaprolactam fiber and artificial leather and so on.


25kg per bag or according to client’s requirement

Safety & Storage & Handling

Stored in dry, shady and cool place. Keep from fire and heat. Keep the temperature under 30℃.

Keep from sunlight. To seal up in the package.

* Please refer to MSDS for more information about Safety, Storage and Transportation.

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      Nylon 6 Polyamide 6 CAS 25038-54-4
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