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Acetyl Tributyl Citrate ATBC CAS 77-90-7
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    200kg/drum 80drums/20
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Acetyl Tributyl Citrate ATBC CAS 77-90-7 is a kind of nonpoisonous, tasteless and safe plasticizer. It is heat resistant, low temperature resistance, light resistance, water resistance etc. Acetyltributylcitrate is an organic compound that is used as a plasticizer. As such, it is a potential replacement of DEHP and DINP. It is a colorless liquid that is soluble in organic solvents. It is found in nail polish and other cosmetics. It is prepared by acetylation of tributylcitrate. It is suitable for the production of food package,children's toy and medical product. ATBC is allowed to be used as the material of package of meat and toys.


Because of the good nature ,it is widly used in the package of meat and milk product,PVC medical product,and chewing gum ,Resin will have good transparency after plastification,and have low volatility and sampling fraction Lube oil ,made with ATBC ,has good lubrication property.


Appearance                             Colorless Transparent liquid

Colour(Pt-Co)                          ≤30#
Content,%                              ≥99.5
Acidity(mgKON/g)                   ≤0.20
Water content(wt),%               ≤0.15
Refractive index (25ºC/D)        1.4410-1.4425
Relative density (25/25ºC)       1.045-1.055
Heavy metal(base on Pb)         ≤10ppm
Arsenic (As)                            ≤3 ppm
Flash Point,ºC                         200-204


- Main application: PVC Plasticizer, Food additive, Coatings, Cosmetics, Medicine, Ink.

- ATBC has low volatility, non-toxic and anti-mildew advantages. It is major plasticizer for food package and medical polyvinyl chloride, as well as the package for precision instrument--polythene multipolymer, Plasticizer for poylthene and vinyl acetate multipolymer, also for slow releasing medicine, emulsion bond; Important component of the lubricant for the surface disposal of tinplate, air purifying agent, deodorant and printing ink etc.


Drum:         200kg/drum,16.0mt/20fcl

Flexitank:     22mt/20fcl
IBC Drum:   1000kg/ibc,20mt/20fcl
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      Acetyl Tributyl Citrate ATBC CAS 77-90-7
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