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N-Methyldiethanolamine MDEA
N-Methyldiethanolamine MDEA CAS 105-59-9

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  • Product Details
N-Methyldiethanolamine MDEA CAS 105-59-9.It is a colorless or yellowish sticky liquid without suspended substance

Physical Properties
Melting point, °C .           – 21
Boiling range, °C             246 -248
Density @ 25°C, g/cm3   1.038
Flash point, °C                127


Appearance                         Colorless or light yellow liquid
Assay,by GC                        99.0% MIN.
Water content                     0.2% MAX.
MMEA                                   0.5 MAX.
Ethylene Glycol                    0.3 MAX.
Di-ethylene Glycol                0.5 MAX.
Heavy Component               0.5 MAX.
Platinum-Cobalt-Hazen        80 MAX.
Specific gravity (20℃)          1.035~1.050 g/m³


Widely used in oil field gas and gas desulphurization purification of emulsifier and acidic gas absorption agent, ph control agent, polyurethane foam catalyst.MDEA also can be used as a pesticide, emulsifier, fabric additives of semi-finished products, antitumor drug intermediates and amino formic acid ester of hydrochloric acid nitrogen mustard coating catalyst, fiber additives, etc., at the same time, also is a kind of paint drying agent.


200kg per plastic or iron drum.
16mt per 20ft container


Storage & Handling

Suitable light light discharge, prevent hit so hard, do not inverted, avoid sharp, stored in a dry, cool and warehouse.

Always refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for detailed information on handling and disposal.
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      N-Methyldiethanolamine MDEA CAS 105-59-9
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