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Physical properties

Appearance                  Colorless or pale yellow transparent liquid, with slight ammonia smell

Density,25℃, g/cm3     1.145

Boiling point,℃             236-237

Melting point,℃            20-23

Flash point,℉               >230

Refractive index           1.485

Solubility                     Soluble in water, benzene and other polar solvents


Appearance                Colorless or light yellow transparent liquid

Assay, %                    ≥99.50
Morpholine, %            ≤0.10
Water, %                    ≤0.10
Free acid, %               ≤0.01


1) Used for desulfurization of natural gas, synthetic gas, flue gas, natural gas, condensate oil and gasoline.

2) It is the best extraction solvent for petroleum aromatics, the most widely used solvent for recovery of aromatic hydrocarbons.

3) It is an excellent aprotic solvent and has high solubility and selectivity for aromatic hydrocarbons.


200kg per iron drum or plastic drum, 16mt per 20’ft;

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