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Methyl Oleate
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Methyl Oleate is colorless or yellowish liquid, raw material is plant oil, C18 content is over 98%.


C18                    ≥95

Color(APHA)        ≤40

Acid Value           ≤1

Iodine Value        105-135

Flash Point          ≥165

Moisture             ≤0.1

Density               0.87-0.89

Odor                   No odor


In pesticide industry, Methyl Oleate is used as a substitution of methyl benzene, dimethyl benzene, solvent oil, etc.. Comparing with other pesticide solvent, it is eco-friendly and non-toxic. It is characterized by being compatible with crops, avoiding producing phytotoxicity, eliminating drug resistance in pests, having high adhesiveness, increasing plant covering area, resisting to rain washing and photolysis, etc. It effectively reduces the light degradation of the active ingredients of pesticides, keeping excellent pesticide effect, high adhesiveness and drift stability and saves pesticide dosage. It also can be used as a synergist of herbicide.

In medical industry, Methyl Oleate is used as a breeding bacterium liquid, it is used to produce various antibiotic bacterium, it enjoys  better property than soybean oil, it can be used as nutrition solution.

In petroleum drilling industry, Methyl Oleate is used as a non-fluorescing slurry lubricant. It can effectively improve adsorbability and wettability of slurry and drill metal surface to reduce adhesion coefficient and achieve desirable thermal stability, compatibility and uniform dispersion. We have established cooperation relationship with many petroleum companies.

In addition, Methyl Oleate can also be used to make cosmetics, detergents, special lubricant and textile assistant, etc.


200kg/drum, 80 drums per 20feet container

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      Methyl Oleate
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