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2,4-ivy carbaldehyde /Ligustral CAS 68039-49-6
Lemon odor Ligustral /2,4-ivy carbaldehyde CAS 68039-49-6
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    25kg per drum
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Buy Ligustral or 2,4-ivy carbaldehyde CAS 68039-49-6, a chemical from TNJ Chemical, China leading Ligustral factory & manufacturers. If you want to buy Ligustral CAS 68039-49-6, please mail to [email protected] 


Appearance:          Colorless to light lemon yellow liquid.

Boiling point:         75~78℃/10mmHg.

Flash Point:           70℃

Refractive index:   1.469~1.475

Specific gravity:    0.928~0.941

Acid index:           <5.0. Dissolvable in twice to fourfold ethanol and oiliness liquid,undissolvable in water.

Assay:                  ≥99% (by chromatogram)

Odor:                   Clear and sweet smell with fresh orange and lemon odor.


It’s natural and cool. If mixed with flower odor, it smells even better. Its clearness and freshness could be used in perfume and cologne to get orange smell. It can attempter orange, deal, herb and wood aromatic and can be used as flavoring agent. It also fits some potpourri, aldehyde, new fragrance, and gives the savageness and chroma.



25kg per drum

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      Lemon odor Ligustral /2,4-ivy carbaldehyde CAS 68039-49-6
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