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Lauramidopropyl Betaine LAB-35%
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    50kg/drum l 200kg/drum
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LAB-30 CAS 4292-10-8 is a yellowish transparent liquid with excellent surface activity, bactericidal property and biodegradability. It is widely used in the preparation of middle and advanced shampoo, bath liquid, hand sanitizer, foam cleanser and household detergent.


Appearance                         Slightly yellow clear liquid

Active  matter, %                 28-35%

PH  Value                                 4.0-7.0

Free  amine content, %         ≤0.5

Sodium chloride content, % 6.0

Colour(APHA)                         ≤200


LAB-30 is a kind of amphoteric surfactant, with good cleaning, foaming, conditioning, and anionic, cationic and non-ionic surfactant compatibility. This product is small irritant, mild performance, foam is fine and stable, suitable for shampoos, shower gel, facial cleanser, etc., can enhance the softness of hair and skin. It has good foaming effect and is widely used in oil field exploitation. Its main function is to make full use of its surface activity as viscosity reducing agent, oil displacement agent and foam agent, to infiltrate, permeate and strip the crude oil in oil-bearing mud and improve the recovery rate of oil recovery.


50kg per drum  or 200kg per drum

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      Lauramidopropyl Betaine LAB-35%
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