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Isopropyl alcohol suppliers suppliers
Isopropyl alcohol suppliers
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    160kgs per iron drum
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Find Isopropyl alcohol suppliers CAS 67-63-0 from China, and select TNJ Chemical as the top Isopropyl alcohol suppliers, factory and manufacturers. We offer best price of Isopropyl alcohol with high quality. If you want to buy Isopropyl alcohol, please feel free to contact [email protected] 

Isopropyl alcohol CAS 67-63-0 is colorless, transparent liquid, like the smell of a mixture of ethanol and acetone.Soluble in water, alcohol, ether, benzene, chloroform and other most organic solvents.


Appearance                                      Clear colorless liquid

Color( Pt-Co)                                    ≤10

Density 20°C                                    0.784-0.785

Content,%                                       ≥99.7

Moisture,%                                      ≤0.20

Acidity(CH3COOH) ppm                    ≤0.002

Evaporation residue,%                     ≤0.005

Hydroxyl content,%                         ≤0.02

S, ppm                                            ≤1


It is an important chemical products and raw materials. Mainly used in pharmaceutical, cosmetics, plastics, fragrances, paint and electronics industry as a dehydrating agent and cleaning agent. Determination of barium, calcium, magnesium, nickel, potassium, sodium and strontium and other reagents. Chromatographic analysis of reference material. Electronic industry. 


160kg/iron drum, 80 drums/20”FCL

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      Isopropyl alcohol suppliers
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