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Buy Ethyl acetate suppliers price
Buy Ethyl acetate 99.9% from China leading suppliers at sharp price
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Product name    Ethyl acetate

Synonyms          Ethyl acetic ester, Acetidin
CAS No.             141-78-6
EINECS              205-500-4
M.F.                    C4H8O2
M.W.                  88.11


Transparent liquid, without suspended impurities. Slight soluble in water, soluble in most alcohols, ketones, ethers, etc.

-Odor: Fragrant
-Density: 0.947 g/cm3
-Melting Point: -83.6℃
-Boiling Point: 77.2 ℃under normal atmosphere
-Flashing Point: -4℃
-Solubility in water: miscible
-Refractive index: 1.371~1.373 at 20℃
-Vapour pressure: 0.583mmHg at 25℃
-FEMA: 2414


Appearance   Colorless transparent liquid 

Assay            ≥99.80%
Ethanol         ≤0.05%
Water           ≤0.04%
Acidity           ≤0.003%
Color (Hazan)  ≤10
Density((β20)   0.897~0.902g/cm3
Nonvolatile Matter   ≤0.001%


1) Ethyl acetate is a kind of most widely applied alphatic ester and fast volatile solvent. It has good solubility and can be used as solvent in coating, lacquer, printing ink, adhesive, leatheroid, nitrocellulose, etc.

2) It is applied to prepare perfumes, acting as headspace volatile to dispatch fresh fruity. It has mellow effect while using in perfume. It is an edible spice stipulated in GB 2760, applying to supply fragrance,
make grains or spills of spices, and cooperate vinegar brewage. It can also be applied to wine spirits.
3) Ethyl acetate can also be used to synthesize some intermediates of dyestuffs and medicines. It can be used as extractant for special modified alcohol, pharmaceutical processes and organic acids.
4) In electronics industry, ethyl acetate is used as degreaser during cleaning process. In textile industry, it is used as detergent.


180kgs/steel drumx80drums=14.4tons/1x20' FCL



Keep away from the fire and heat. Store in a cool, dry place. Keep containers tightly closed.

Ethyl acetate is classified as Dangerous Good for tansport (UN 1173, Class 3, Packing group I)


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      Buy Ethyl acetate 99.9% from China leading suppliers at sharp price
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