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    99.5% min
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    25KG/bag; 200L/drum
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Physical & Chemical Property

Appearance: Light brown clear liquid

Molecular Formula: C9H10ClN5O2

Molecular Weight: 255.7

Solubility: In water 0.51 g/l (200 degrees C), @ 20 degrees C: 

dichloromethane - 50.0 - 100.0 g/l; isopropanol - 1.0-2.0 g/l; toluene - 0.5-1.0 g/l; n-hexane - <0.1 g/l; fat - 0.061 g/100g 

Density: Approx. 1.12 g/cm3 at 20C

Melting Point: 144 C (a.i.)

Boiling Point: 442.3 °C at 760 mmHg

Flash Point: 88 C



Imidacloprid 95%TC, 25%, 70%WP, 70%WDG, 20%EC, 20%SL, 25%WP.



Imidacloprid is a used on Soil, seed, or foliar treatment in cereal, cotton, fruit, maize, potatoes, rice, sugar beets, turf, and vegetables. Highly systemic, particularly from seed or soil treatment. Imidacloprid Controls sucking insects including aphids, Colorado potato beetles, ricehoppers, thrips, whiteflies, and turf and soil insects.



25KG/bag; 200L/drum or as per request


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