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Dichlofenthion CAS 97-17-6
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Buy Dichlofenthion CAS 97-17-6Dichlorofenthion a chemical intermediate for Dichlofenthion from TNJ Chemical, China leading Dichlofenthion suppliers, factory & manufacturers. If you want to buy Dichlofenthion, please mail to [email protected]

Dichlofenthion (CAS 97-17-6) is a phosphorothioate which is primarily used as a pesticide and nematicide.



Purity   99.5%min.

Water   0.3%max.



Dichlofenthion is generally considered to be an organophosphate pesticide, although in a strict chemical sense, it is a phosphorothioate. Because most organophosphate pesticides biodegrade relatively quickly, they are generally regarded as safe for use. While this may be true for most compounds, bacteria still require time to adapt to break down new compounds introduced to the soil. It has been shown that degradation rates increase as the same compounds are introduced repeatedly into the soil.


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      Dichlofenthion CAS 97-17-6
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