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Diazinon CAS 333-41-5
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Where to buy Diazinon CAS 333-41-5 at best price, buy Diazinon from top China leading Diazinon suppliers, factory and manufacturers. TNJ is the biggest supplier Diazinon, including technical and its formulations such as EC50%, EC25% and WDG10%, etc. If you have any interest, please contact us at sales15@tnjchem.com

Diazinon, also known as O,O-diethyl O-2-isopropyl-6-methylpyrimidin-4-yl phosphorothioate. Diazinon technical is liquid which is widely used for the development of its many formulation.


Diazinon                                    95.0% Min.

Appearance                              Yellow brown transparent liquid

Moisture content                       0.2% Max.

Acidity (calculated as H2SO4)   0.5% Max.

Insolubles in acetone               0.5% Max.

0,S-TEPP                                   0.2% Max.

S,S-TEPP                                   2.5% Max.

Diazinon 10% G

Diazinon                                  10.0% Min.
Moisture content                     3.0% Max.
pH value                                  6.0-8.0
Particle size                             95%min. (through 0.3~1.5 mm sieve)  

Stability                                   at 54±2℃ for 14 days  

Other formulation 

Diazinon 600 g/l EC
Diazinon 500 g/l EC
Diazinon 600 g/l EW
Diazinon 40% WP
Diazinon 5% G


Control of sucking and chewing insects and mites on a very wide range of crops, including deciduous fruit trees, citrus fruit, vines, olives, bananas, pineapples, vegetables, potatoes, beet, sugar cane, coffee, cocoa, tea, tobacco, maize, sorghum, alfalfa, flax, cotton, rice, ornamentals, glasshouse crops, forestry, etc., at 300-600 g/ha; soil insects (by soil application); phorid and sciarid flies in mushroom cultivation; flies, lice, mites, fleas, cockroaches, bedbugs, ants, and other insect pests in animal houses and household use. Seed treatment for maize, for control of frit flies and also conferring bird-repellent properties. Also used as a veterinary ectoparasiticide.


25kg/drum, 200kg/drum or According to customer request

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      Diazinon CAS 333-41-5
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