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Copper 8-hydroxyquinoline CAS 10380-28-6
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    USP38 EP8.0
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Chemical name:      Copper 8-hydroxyquinoline

Copper quinolate:    Copper Oxine

CAS NO.:                10380-28-6

EINECS No.:            233-841-9

Molecular formula:   C18H12CuN2O2

Molecular weight:    351.84


Appearance             Yellow to green crystalline powder

Purity (HPLC, %)      98min

Loss on drying (%)   0.5max

Sulphate (%)           0.1max

Chloride (%)            0.01max


This product is mainly used as an anti-microbial agent in agriculture. It is also used as an anti-mildew agent for rope, wire, leather and vinyl plastics. Besides, it is can be used for metal corrosion inhibitor in pesticide and medicine.


Net 25kg paperboard drum double-lined with polyethylene film.


Keep packing container well-closed, and put in a light-proof, dry and cool place.

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      Copper 8-hydroxyquinoline CAS 10380-28-6
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