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Cetyl Palmitate CAS 540-10-3
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TNJ Chemical produces high quality Cetyl Palmitate CAS 540-10-3 in Anhui China and sells bulk quantity to worldwide customers. To buy Cetyl Palmitate CAS 540-10-3 as dry emulsifier and softener in lipstick and cream etc, please contact [email protected]

Product Name Cetyl Palmitate

Formula  32H64O2
CAS NO  540-10-3
Molecular Weight 480.85
EINECS NO 208-736-6
SPERMACETI;PALMATIC ACID N-HEXADECYL ESTER;SperMwax;Cetyl Palmitate (50 mg);n-Hexadecyl palMitate, 98% 25GR;n-Hexadecyl palmitate, 98% 5GR;Cetyl Palmitate Palmitic Acid Hexadecyl Ester;Palmityl palmitate

Appearance      White to almost white crystalline powder
Melting Point    55-56 °C(lit.)
Boiling point     360°C
Density            d20: 0.989
Index of refraction  1.4429 (589.3 nm 60℃)
Solubility          Soluble in hot acetone


Can be used as dry emulsifier and softener in lipstick and cream. it also could be used as a conditioner and hair gloss additive.  Application in medicine: It is included by Chinese Pharmacopoeia and American Pharmacopoeia.It can be used as emollients, softener in topical ointment products.

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      Cetyl Palmitate CAS 540-10-3
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