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CAS 97-64-3, Ethyl lactate suppliers price suppliers
CAS 97-64-3, Ethyl lactate suppliers price
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    250kg drum
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Ethyl lactate CAS 97-64-3 is a monobasic ester formed from lactic acid and ethanol, commonly used as a solvent. This compound is considered biodegradable and can be used as a water-rinsible degreaser. Ethyl lactate is found naturally in small quantities in a wide variety of foods including wine, chicken, and various fruits. The odor of ethyl lactate when dilute is mild, buttery, creamy, with hints of fruit and coconut.


Total of ester                 ≥98%

Acid value                     ≤1.0 mg. KOH/g

Moisture                        ≤0.3%

As                                 ≤0.0002%

Heavy metal(Pb)            ≤0.001%

Melting point                 -25°C

Boiling point                  154°C

Flashing point                46°C


1) Food Industry

Ethy lactate has a special rum, fruit and cream flavor, has been widely used in imitation cream, cheese, milk, fruit juice, wine and other foods as the transfer agent. 

2) Chemicals Industrial

Ethyil lactate has non-toxic, good solubility, with fruity odor characteristics, can eb used as the "Green solvents" to replace the current toxic solvents used widely in industry area, such as: Halogenated, ethers, fluorocarbon and other solvents, tobe used in precision instruments and oilfield pipe cleaning and the dissolution of cellulose polymers. 

3) Medicine industry

Ethyl lactate can be used as pharmaceutical intermediates synthetic materrials in chemical industry, medicine, pesticide area.


250kg drum

20mt per one FCL

Storage & Transport

Stored in cool and airy place; away from fire and heat;handle with care;no breakage,avoid leakage

This is classified as a Common Good for transport.
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      CAS 97-64-3, Ethyl lactate suppliers price
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