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CAS 9005-38-3, Sodium alginate suppliers price suppliers
CAS 9005-38-3, Sodium alginate suppliers price
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Sodium alginate is present in the seaweed, kelp and other brown algae in a natural polysaccharides, alginic acid and seaweed body seawater mineral natural products generated by alginate mannuronic acid (M ) and guluronic acid (G) consisting of mixed polysaccharides. Widely used alginate products mainly include sodium alginate, potassium, calcium alginate, seaweed and ammonium.


Assay                                       98.0%min.

Appearance                             white or yellowish granular or powder
Viscosity (1% solution)            300 - 500 mpa.s
Loss on drying(105 C,2hr)        <15%
PH                                           6.0 - 7.5
Ash                                         18 - 24%
Heavy metal(as Pb)                 <0.004%
Lead(Pb)                                <0.001%
Arsenic(As)                             <0.0003%
Total plate count                     <2000/g 

Yeasts and moulds                  <100/g
Particle size                            40 mesh

Pharmaceutical excipients, controlled release agents, dental impression materials, etc.
Food Industry: Sodium alginate is widely used in food industry. Americans call it as "wonderful food additive"; Japanese call it as "longevity food additive".
A. Man-made food: Sodium acetylide takes alga blubber skin, alga blubber thread, and artificial wine and artificial cherry as raw material.
B. Cold food: As stabilizer of ice cream and ice cream bar, sodium acetylide has dense organization and slow dissolve speed. It is also the main raw material for tasty jelly and grass jelly.
C. Cake food: As stable molding agent of cake (biscuit, bread, noodle and chocolate etc. ) and Polish of bread, sodium acetylide can make cake sweet and crisp, make noodle smooth and reduce broken rate of noodle and crash of bread. Sodium acetylide is good thickening agent for jam, chili sauce, jell, redeye, fish cake, pudding and salad sauce and so on.
D. Beverage: Sodium acetylide can be used as clarifier of alcohol and stabilizer of beer.
E. Refrigeration and keep fresh: It can prevent bacillin from entering into fruit and meat if wipe one film of sodium acetylide on food, which can also restrain water evaporation and prolong storage time.
Printing & Textile Industry
It is a long history that sodium alginate is used for printing paste, yarn paste and cleaning paste. It is one kind of excellent paste for printing, which is applicable for printing of cotton, feather, silk and compound fiber especially after active coloring matter become. It has several decades of history and there is no other things can be compared with it at present.

25kg bag packing, 16mt/20’’container without pallet, 15mt/20’’container with 20pallet
25kg fiber drum packing, 12mt/20’’container without pallet, 9mt/20’’container with 20pallet

Keep container tightly closed. Keep container in a cool, well-ventilated area. Do not store above 23°C (73.4°F).

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      CAS 9005-38-3, Sodium alginate suppliers price
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