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CAS 90-72-2
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    200kg/20kg plastic drum
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TNJ Chemical provides database on CAS 90-72-2, including chemical name, synonyms, structure, formula, application etc,  and also offers price quotation on CAS 90-72-2 different grades. If you want to buy 90-72-2, please feel free to contact sales@tnjchem.com

Specification of DMP-30

Appearance                                Light Yellow Transparent Mucus

Color                                         ≤3
Amine Value(mgKOH/g)              600-630
Moisture                                    <0.5%
Specific gravity 25℃                   0.975-0.985
Viscosity 25℃                            120-250
Assay                                        ≥95%

Application of DMP-30

Tris(dimethylaminomethyl)phenol DMP-30 is mainly used as epoxy resin curing agent.

DMP-30 can used for casting and seal components as fast cure in ordinary temperature of cure epoxy resin paint in low temperature. 

Mixing with epoxy resin (Example E44) is about 1:8. It can mix with other epoxy curing, playing a promoting role and improving the speed 

of solidification. Its quantity is 1-2% of main curing;

DMP-30 can also be used as catalyst for polyurethane industry,etc.

-- 200 kg plastic drum
Total 80 drums 16 MT per 20ft container
--20kg drum or as customer’s requests

Storage & Handling

Stored in cool and airy place; away from fire and heat; handle with care;no breakage, avoid leakage.

It is valid for 2 years under proper condition.
Tris(dimethylaminomethyl)phenol DMP-30 is classified as Dangerous Good for transport (UN 2735, Class 8, Packing group III)
* Please refer to MSDS for more information about Safety, Storage and Transportation.

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