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CAS 88-04-0 4-Chloro-3,5-dimethylphenol
  • Product Name:

    PCMX; p-Chloro-m-xylenol
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    25kg/drum or as per request
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    $0-99/kg FOB China
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    Hefei, China
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    TNJ Chemical

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  • Product Details

Essential information

The crystals from benzene are white acicular crystals. Volatile, with phenol smell.

Solubility: water (0.025 at 25 ℃, 0.044 at 50 ℃, 0.278 at 80 ℃), 1mol/L NaOH solution (8.83 at 25 ℃, 10.67 at 50 ℃, 19.15 at 80 ℃), isopropanol (50.0 at 25 ℃), benzene (6.1 at 25 ℃), glycerin (1.5 at 25 ℃), petroleum solvent (0.7 at 25 ℃).

Performance characteristics

(1) Antibacterial activity: It has a very good killing effect on gram-positive and negative bacteria and molds.

(2) Stability: PCMX has good stability under normal storage conditions and will not become inactive.

(3) Solubility: 20 ℃ aqueous solution: 0.03% weight/volume; 20 ℃ 95% ethanol: 50% weight/volume; Soluble in polyethylene glycol, vinyl alcohol, olefin, benzene, ether, non-volatile oil and strong alkaline aqueous solution.

(4) Safety: acute oral dose: LD50 ≥ 3g/kg (white rats); Acute injection dose LD50 ≥ 2g/kg (white rat)

Application introduction

- Hospitals and general medicines; Disinfection of patients' skin before operation; Sterilization of medical equipment; Daily cleaning of equipment and hard surfaces to avoid cross infection; PCMX can be used to produce medical antibacterial soap, deodorant and general first-aid supplies. It can be prepared into liquid, anhydrous hand sanitizer, powder, cream and lotion; PCMX can also be used as a preservative in other drugs.

Sterilization for household and daily use

Fungicides and insecticides for skin wounds (liquid, cream and lotion); Common disinfectants and washing disinfectants; Sterilized soap and personal hygiene care hand sanitizer; Shampoo (especially products with anti dandruff function).

- Industrial

Coating surface: added in the coating as a fungicide, suitable for wet environment; Glue and adhesive: prevent microbial decomposition, odor, filter blockage and metal corrosion, and prevent product failure; Leather treatment: prevent mildew and resist the attack of bacteria and fungi (especially saline fur, vegetable leather and saline or air dried raw hides). Textile finishing and post-treatment: pre impregnation of fibers.

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      CAS 88-04-0 4-Chloro-3,5-dimethylphenol
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