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CAS 84030-86-4
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Esbiothrin CAS 84030-86-4 is yellow to yellow brown liquid,can not dissolved in water.Easily dissolved in organic solvents.It is a pyrethroide insecticide,with a broad spectrum of activity.


Appearance                     Yellow to yellow brown liquid
Assay,%                          ≥93.0
Acidity,%                         ≤0.3
Acetone insolubles,%      ≤0.3

Esbiothrin is a pyrethroid insecticide,with a broad specturm of activity,acting by contact and characterized by a strong knock-down effect,it is active on most flying and crawling insects,in particular mosquitoes,flies,wasps,horners,cockroaches,fleas,bugs,ants etc.Esbiothrin is widely used in the manufacture of insecticide mats,mosquito coils and liquid emanators,Esbiothrin can be used alone or combined with another insecticide,such as Bioresmethrin,Permethrin or Deltamethrin and with or without a synergist(Piperonyl butoxide) in solutions.

How to use Esbiothrin?

For the formulation of insecticide concentrates ready to use products(liquids ULV or thermal-fogging treatments)
Liquid insecticides                0.04-0.12% w/v
Aerosols                               0.2-0.4 g/l
Aerosols against crawling
Insecticide                             0.08-0.50% w/w
Coils                                      0.08-0.15%  w/w
Mats                                      20-25 mg/mat
Liquid emanators                   2-3% w/w for 30ml/30nights


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