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CAS 81-13-0 D-Panthenol
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D-panthenol (CAS 81-13-0) is also called original vitamin B5. It is widely used in medicine, food, cosmetics and liquid preparations. D-panthenol enters the human body and can be converted into pantothenic acid to synthesize coenzyme A, promote the metabolism of human protein, fat and sugar, protect skin and mucous membrane, improve hair luster and prevent disease. D-panthenol can prevent wrinkles, inflammation, sunshine and erosion, prevent hair loss, promote hair growth, keep hair moist, reduce hair bifurcations, prevent crispness and breakage, and protect, repair and care hair.


Essential information

Chemical name: (D) - N - (2,4-dihydroxy)- β,β- Dimethylbutyryl)- β- Aminopropanol

Chemical formula: C9H19NO4

Molecular weight 205.25

Chinese alias: D-panthenol; Pro vitamin B5; D-panthenol; D-panthenoyl alcohol; (R) - () - 2,4-dihydroxy-N - (3-hydroxypropyl) - 3,3-dimethylbutyramide

English name Dexpanthenol

English alias (+) - Panthenol; Alcopan-250; Bepanthen; Cozyme; D-Panthenol; Ilopan; Intrapan; Motilyn; N-pantoyl-3-propanolamine; Pantenyl; Panthoderm; pantothenyl alcohol; pantothenol; pantothenylol; Panyonyl; (R)-2,4-Dihydroxy-N-(3-hydroxypropyl)-3,3-dimethylbutanamide

CAS NO. 81-13-0

EINECS 201-327-3



It is colorless viscous liquid or colorless transparent liquid, slightly with special odor. Easily soluble in water, ethanol, methanol and propylene glycol.


Physicochemical properties

Density 1.20 boiling point 118-120 ° C (2.7 mm Hg), refractive index 1.495-1.502, specific rotation 30.5 ° (c=5, H2O on anh. sub) water-soluble.

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      CAS 81-13-0 D-Panthenol
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