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CAS 8006-54-0 Lanolin
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    Lanolin anhydrous USP39
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    TNJ Chemical

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USP grade Lanolin anhydrous CAS 8006-54-0 is a kind of secreted oil attached to wool. It is a light yellow or brownish yellow ointment, sticky and greasy, with weak and specific odor. It is easily soluble in chloroform or ether, soluble in hot ethanol, and very slightly soluble in ethanol.


Main use

Lanolin anhydrous can be quickly absorbed by mucous membrane and skin, has adhesive force, stable property, and can absorb water, not easy to become rancid. It is an excellent ointment matrix and emulsifier of water in oil emulsion, with the dosage of 5%. Because of its high viscosity and discomfort when applied locally, it should not be used as a substrate alone. It is often used together with Vaseline and can increase the water absorption and penetration of Vaseline.


Mainly used in the machinery industry to manufacture high-grade antirust oil; The pharmaceutical industry manufactures rheumatic ointment and zinc oxide ointment; Synthetic fiber and synthetic resin for chemical fiber industry; The daily chemical industry manufactures anti crack cream, cold cream and high-grade soap, which have special effects on protecting skin from cracks, and can also be extracted for the production of hormones in the pharmaceutical industry.



Appearance                                                   Light yellow ointment 
Chroma                                                         <10 Gardner 
Peroxide value                                              <20 
Melting point                                                 38℃-44℃ 
Saponification                                                90-105 mgkoH/g 
Iodine value                                                  18-36 
Loss on dry                                                   <0.5% 
Residue on ignition                                       <0.15% 
Acid value                                                     <1.0 
Water-soluble acid & alkali                            Qualified 
Water-soluble readily oxidizable substance  Qualified 

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      CAS 8006-54-0 Lanolin
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