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CAS 77-93-0
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Product Name:          Triethyl citrate

CAS RN:                    77-93-0
EINECS RN:               201-071-2
Molecular Formula:     C18H32O7

Molecular Weight:      276.28


Appearance: colorless oily liquid with slight odor.

M.P.: -20ºC
B.P.: 233ºC
Relative Density: 1.045
Refractive Index: 1.4460
Flash Point: 155ºC

Solubility: insoluble in water, soluble in methanol, acetone, carbon tetrachloride, glacial acetic acid,castor oil and mineral oil etc.

Triethyl citrate as a non- toxic plasticizer, is widely used in cellulose resin and vinyl resin plasticizer,food security as a leavening agent can be a good model to improve the foaming properties of baked food products to improve the swelling loose state,as an antioxidant used to stabilize soybean oil, salad oil, margarine ,shortening and other edible oils and fats ,as a flavor enhancer can be used for soft drinks , cold drinks ,candy,baked goods to add flavor,also used as a chelating agent and the carrier solvent .
Especially suitable for ink coating ,non-toxic PVC granulation,the pharmaceutical industry,children's soft toys,medical products,deployment of flavors and fragrances,cosmetics and manufacturing industries.

Technical index

Appearance                       Colorless transparent liquid
Color(APHA)                       ≤50
Total ester content%         ≥99.0
Acidity( as citric acid)%      ≤0.1
Water(wt)%                      ≤0.25
Relative density( 25/25ºC )  1.135-1.139
Heavy metal (Pb)              ≤10ppm
Flash point( ºC )               155


Drum:  230kg/drum,18.4mt/20fcl

Flexitank:  22mt/20fcl

IBC Drum:  1150kg/ibc,23mt/20fcl

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