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CAS 62-56-6, Thiourea suppliers price suppliers
CAS 62-56-6, Thiourea suppliers price
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Thiocarbamide/Thiourea is an organosulfur compound with the formula SC(NH2)2 . It is structurally similar to urea, except that the oxygen atom is replaced by a sulfur atom, but the properties of urea and thiourea differ significantly. Thiourea is a reagent in organic synthesis. "Thioureas" refers to a broad class of compounds with the general structure (R1R2N)(R3R4N)C=S. Thioureas are related to thioamides, e.g. RC(S)NR2, where R is methyl, ethyl, etc.


Purity                                             ≥99.00%

Loss On heating                              ≤0.40%

Ash                                                ≤0.10%

Insolubility In Water                        ≤0.02%

Sulforhodanide(with CNS-)               ≤0.02%

Melting Point                                   171°C


1. pharmaceutical raw material,

2. bleaching agent in textile dyeing and printing

3. auxiliary of dyeing and anti-oxidant

4. rubber accelerator

5. floating agent

6. photo developing agent

7. resin compression molding

8. powder electroplating

9. blue printing and boiler washing

10. macromolecule material industry

11. catalysis agent and stabilizer of resinic producing

12. organic synthesization of sensitizing material, and medicine, medical, spicery materials in fine chemicals 

13. recycling and separating of heavy metals etc.

Package & Storage

25kg/bag, 20000kg per 20'ft container 

Stored in a cool and dry place, stay away from fire

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      CAS 62-56-6, Thiourea suppliers price
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