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CAS#. 513-77-9, Barium carbonate suppliers price suppliers
CAS#. 513-77-9, Barium carbonate suppliers price
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    25kgs per pp woven bag
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TNJ Chemical provides CAS#: 513-77-9, China Barium carbonate suppliers, manufacturers inventory, and collects technology information on CAS 513-77-9 from different Barium carbonate suppliers. If you want to buy Barium carbonate, please feel free to contact sales@tnjchem.com


Barium carbonate CAS 513-77-9 exists in white powder or white granule. TNJ Chemical has barium carbonate powder 99.2% and barium carbonate granular 99.2%. For powder form, there are free flowing (also called heavy type) and precipitated (also called light type). The difference between free flowing and precipitated is the density.

Specification of Barium carbonate

Appearance                                          White powder or granule          

Purity                                                    ≥99.0%                       
Moisture                                                ≤0.3%                     
Insoluble in HCL                                    ≤0.25%                  
Sulphur(As SO4)                                    ≤0.35%                 
Chloride(As Cl)                                      ≤0.01%                    
Fe                                                          ≤0.004%                       
Fineness(Residue on 325um mesh)      ≤0.3%                          

Applications of Barium carbonate

- Used in treatment of wastewater contains chromium in electroplating industry;

- Used as injection bottles, bulb, x optical glass, glass, glass stems and other glass products, glass white and hard in the glass industry;

- Used in increasing the degree of white porcelain for high frequency porcelain and also used as a flux in the ceramics industry.


25kgs per pp woven bag


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      CAS#. 513-77-9, Barium carbonate suppliers price
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