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CAS 31694-55-0 glycerol ethoxylate
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    Glycerol ethoxylate
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    TNJ Chemical

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As a humectant and lubricant, Glycerol ethoxylate GLYCERETH-26 CAS 31694-55-0 has a smooth and delicate touch. It can be used as skin conditioner, and has good compatibility with cationic, non-ionic and anionic surfactants, and is stable in a wide range of PH. In addition to being an efficient humectant, it is also a good dispersion medium, viscosity regulator, plasticizer, foam regulator and excellent lubricant.

Product application: 

Skin care products, moisturizing cream, moisturizing milk, moisturizing water, moisturizing essence, eye cream, BB cream, facial mask, wet tissue, moisturizing gel, washing products, liquid washing facial milk, soap based facial milk, cleansing foam, makeup remover, shower gel, shampoo, hand sanitizer, shaving foam, shaving cream, styling products, moisturizing gel, moisturizing gel, mousse, hair gel

Product features:
1. With excellent moisturizing performance, it is easy for skin to absorb and keep moisture for a long time, making skin soft, moist and shiny;
2. It has excellent lubricity and is suitable for use as a lubricant and softener for skin and hair;
3. It has the moisturizing property incomparable with glycerin and is not sticky;
4. It has unique characteristics to promote product penetration and absorption;
5. In the soap based surface active system, it can make the system foam more stable and rich;
6. It is a good resin plasticizer and humectant in hair styling products.
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      CAS 31694-55-0 glycerol ethoxylate
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