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CAS 141-04-8 Diisobutyl adipate suppliers price suppliers
CAS 141-04-8 Diisobutyl adipate suppliers price
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    200kg/drum 80drums per 20GP container.
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Diisobutyl adipate DBE-IB is a high-boiling, oxygenated solvent comprising a refined mixture of diisobutyl adipate, glutarate, and succinate. Its properties include low vapor pressure, biodegradability, excellent thermal and hydrolytic stability, ability to dissolve many resins, miscibility with most organic solvents, and very mild odor.


Appearance                 Colorless Transparent Liquid

Ester Content %         98.5 min

Diisobutyl Succinate % 15-25

Diisobutyl Glutarate % 55-65

Diisobutyl Adipate  %      10-25

Moisture %                 0.1 max

Acid Value (mg KOH /g) 0.3 max

Color (APHA)                 25 max

Distillation Range ºC       253-295


Wildly used in water-based coatings, solvent coatings, for the charactuer of mild odour, DBE-IB is used as coalescing agent in polymer dispersions. Also it increases the wash and shier endurance. Furthermore it is also used as solvent for printing inks, paints, industrial cleaning applications and as plasticizer in various plastics.

- Waterborne coatings

- Solvent coatings

- Printing ink solvent

- Cleaning solvent


BE-IB can be stored and handled using mild steel or aluminum containers and equipment. It is stable in air at normal storage conditions of temperature and humidity. 


200kg Iron/plastic drum IBC drum Iso tank Flexitank

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      CAS 141-04-8 Diisobutyl adipate suppliers price
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