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CAS 13477-34-4
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    Ca(NO3)2 4H2O
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    high quality
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Physical properties

Appearance                  White powder

Density,20℃,g/cm3       2.504

Melting point,℃            561

Solubility                      Soluble in water, ethanol & other organic solvents.

Items                            Industry grade                        Agricultural grade
Content %                           99                                            99
PH value                             5—7                                         5—7
Water insoluble matter %     0.01                                         0.01
Heavy metal %                    0.001                                       0.001
Sulfate %                            0.03                                         0.03
Iron %                                0.002                                       0.003
Chloride %                          0.005                                       0.005
Calcium oxide %                  -----                                         23.4
Nitrogen content %              -----                                         11.76


It can be used in cultivating pollution-free vegetables, melons and fruits, flowers and trees in agriculture. In industry, it can be used as flocculant for rubber latex and as cement solidification accelerant.


25/50kg woven bag lined with plastic bags

Safety on transportation

Always refer to MSDS.

Storage and handling

Keep tightly closed, store in a cool dry place.

Please refer to the Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for the handling methods.

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