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CAS 13463-67-7, Titanium dioxide suppliers price suppliers
CAS 13463-67-7, Titanium dioxide suppliers price
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  • Quality Standard:

    Industrial / Food / Cosmetic / Pharmaceutical Grad
  • Packing:

    25kg per bag 500kg per bag
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Appearance white powder, non-toxic, stable chemical properties, surface treated by zirconia coating and organic treatment. Whiteness, brightness, gloss, hiding power, reducing power, easy dispersion, excellent weatherability and anti pulverization ability.


Titanium dioxide is generally divided into anatase (Anatase, A type) and rutile (Rutile, referred to as type R)

Industrial grade/ Food Grade/ Cosmetic Grade/ Pharmaceutical Grade


1, Industrial Using--

Titanium dioxide is a kind of important white pigment and glaze porcelain. For paint, ink, plastic, rubber, paper, chemical fiber, watercolor and other industries.

2, Food Using--

Titanium dioxide can be used as a white pigment for all foods.

3, Environment protection--

Titanium dioxide, as a catalyst for coating pigments, is not only an environmentally safe detergent, but also can save energy and protect environmental resources.

4, Cosmetic using--

Due to ultraviolet radiation has a great harm to the human body, in recent years, developed countries pay more attention to sunscreen products research and development, have launched a variety of anti UV fiber, various plastics, films, coatings, and sunscreen cream, foundation, lipstick, mousse, baked ointment to prevent bask in cosmetics etc.. In recent years China has also increased the research and production of sunscreen cosmetics.


25kg per bag,500kg per bag or 1000kg per bag.

20mt per 20ft container with pallet / 22mt per 20ft container without pallets.
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      CAS 13463-67-7, Titanium dioxide suppliers price
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