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CAS 1319-77-3 Cresol suppliers price suppliers
CAS 1319-77-3 Cresol suppliers price
  • CAS No.:

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    Industry grade
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    200kg/iron drum
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Product name                  Cresol

CAS No.                            1319-77-3
EINECS                             215-293-2
M.F.                                   C7H8O
M.W.                                 108.14

Item                                   Spec
Appearance                         Colorless to yellow transparent liquid
M-Cresol,%                         35-45
p-Cresol,%                          40-50
O-Cresol,%                         10-20
Density,gr/cm3                   1.03----1.05
Impurity,%                         ≤1.0
Purity,%                             ≥99 .00


(1)Used as a raw material for synthetic resin, insulating varnish, antioxidant, as well as disinfectant and solvent
(2)Used for phenolic resin, electrical insulating paint, tricresyl phosphate, dye, surfactant, flotation agent, lubricating oil additives, preservatives, cold enamel solvent, plasticizer, cracking dispersing agent and sebacic acid in the production process of solvent etc.

200kg/drum or 25kg/drum

Placed in sealed container and kept in a cool and dry place.
Avoid strong vibration, insolation, high temperature, smoke and fire.
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      CAS 1319-77-3 Cresol suppliers price
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