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CAS 123-42-2
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    190kg/ iron drum 15.2MT/20
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    TNJ Chemical

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Diacetone alcohol CAS 123-42-2 is a chemical compound with the formula CH3C(O)CH2C(OH)(CH3)2, sometimes called DAA. This liquid is a common synthetic intermediate used for the preparation of other compounds, and is also used as a solvent. It is colorless liquid organic compound with a slight odor, soluble in water, oil and in common organic solvents. Diacetone alcohol is a well-known synthetic intermediate and it occurs as a component in a large number of products for industrial, professional and consumer uses such as coatings, paints, cleaning products or agrochemicals.



Acidity( as acetic acid)%     ≤0.015
Assay, %                           ≥99.50
Water, %                           ≤0.10
Boiling range,℃                 148-170



Diacetone alcohol is a low evaporating solvent with high water solubility. It is widely used in industrial and professional applications in coatings, cleaning, oil and gas field drilling, lubricants, metal working fluids, polymer processing and water treatment. It is also used as chemical intermediate in organic synthesis. Diacetone alcohol is also used as solvent in consumer products such as adhesives, inks, paints, thinners, paint removers, household cleaners and agrochemicals.


Diacetone alcohol is used in cellulose ester lacquers, particularly of the brushing type, where it produces brilliant gloss and hard film and where its lack of odor is desirable. It is used in lacquer thinners, dopes, wood stains, wood preservatives and printing pastes; in coating compositions for paper and textiles; permanent markers; in making artificial silk and leather; in imitation gold leaf; in celluloid cements; as a preservative for animal tissue; in metal cleaning compounds; in the manufacture of photographic film; and in hydraulic brake fluids, where it is usually mixed with an equal volume of castor oil.



190 kgs/drumx80 drums=15.2 tons/1x20' FCL

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