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CAS 120-51-4 Benzyl benzoate suppliers price suppliers
CAS 120-51-4 Benzyl benzoate suppliers price
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    Pharma, Perfume
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    225kg/iron drum
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TNJ Chemical provides database on CAS 120-51-4 Benzyl benzoate suppliers, and also offers Benzyl benzoate price quotation from CAS 120-51-4 Benzyl benzoate suppliers. If you want to buy Benzyl benzoate, please feel free to contact [email protected]

Benzyl benzoate CAS 120-51-4 is a colorless or pale yellow viscous transparent liquid. 

In temperature conditions of 17 degrees centigrade or lower, it will be solidified into white solid. Benzyl benzoate of high-purity has slight fragrance. Benzyl benzoate is insoluble in water but soluble in organic solvents. Benzyl benzoate is a hightemperature solvent, is the only solvent of Musk. Benzyl benzoate has applications to pharmacy and perfume industry just because of its characters of low volatilization and relative stability.



Item                                                 BP2000                        Perfumery Grade

Appearance                                     Yellow clear liquid            Colorless clear liquid

Fragrance                                         --                                  Light scent of flower 

Purity, %                                         ≥99.0                            ≥99.90

Acidity(ml,0.1N NaOH 2.0g)              ≤0.2                              ≤0.2 

Specific Gravity20℃,kg/ m3              1118—1122                   1118—1122

Refractive Index(nD20)                    1.568—1.570                 1.568—1.570 

Freezing Point (℃)                           ≥17.0                            ≥17.0

Moisture (%)                                   ≤0.3                              ≤0.2

Sulphate Ash (%)                            ≤0.1                              ≤0.2


1) Benzyl benzoate is mainly used in the area of textile auxiliary, fragrance and flavor, pharmacy, plasticizer etc. 
2) For its good performance of plasticity, solvent, safety and environmental protection, benzyl benzoate has been widely used into synthesis of lead agent, leveling agent, repair agent etc.  



225kg per iron drum,80drum per 20''container; 

25kg/plastic drum. 

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      CAS 120-51-4 Benzyl benzoate suppliers price
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