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CAS 104-55-2 cinnamaldehyde
  • Product Name:

    Cinnamic aldehyde
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  • Alias:

    cinnam aldehyde

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    25kg/drum or as per request
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    $0-99/kg FOB China
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    Hefei, China
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    TNJ Chemical

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  • Product Details

Cinnamaldehyde (CAS 104-55-2) is an aldehyde organic compound, which is a yellow viscous liquid and exists in large quantities in cinnamon and other plants. Cinnamaldehyde naturally existing in nature is of trans structure. The molecule is an acrolein connected with a phenyl, so it can be considered as an acrolein derivative. The color of cinnamaldehyde is caused by π→π * transition, and the existence of conjugated structure makes the absorption spectrum of cinnamaldehyde enter the visible light band.


Cinnamaldehyde is usually called cinnamaldehyde and naturally exists in essential oils such as Sri Lankan cinnamon oil, cinnamon oil, agastache oil, hyacinth oil and rose oil. Cinnamaldehyde has two isomers, cis and trans. The commercial cinnamaldehyde, whether natural or synthetic, is trans.



Cinnamaldehyde is a synthetic flavor for food that is allowed to be used according to GB2760-2014, and can be used to prepare meat, condiments, oral care products, chewing gum, and essence for candy.

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      CAS 104-55-2 cinnamaldehyde
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