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CAS 101-20-2
  • CAS No.:

  • Molecular Formula:

  • Quality Standard:

    99.0% Min
  • Packing:

    25kg/fiber drum
  • Mininmum Order:

    25 kg

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TNJ Chemical provides database on CAS 101-20-2, including chemical name, synonyms, structure, formula, application etc, and also offers price quotation on CAS 101-20-2 different grades. If you want to buy 101-20-2, please feel free to contact [email protected]

Triclocarban TCC (CAS 101-20-2) is white crystalline powder,TCC is safe to human body,high efficacy in killing harmful microbe activity,it shows the characteristics of continuous sterilization,safety,stable,and good chemical stability under normal storage conditions.


Specification of Triclocarban TCC

Appearance                          White crystalline powder
Purity (%)                            99.0 Min
Melting point(C)                    250-255
Loss on Drying(%)                0.15 Max
Chloroanilines(mg/Kg,)          450,200 Max
Dichlorocarbanilide(%)          1 Max
Tetarchlorocarbanilide(%)      0.5 Max
Triaryl biuret(%)                   0.5 Max


Application of Triclocarban TCC

TCC is mainly used as antibacterial agent for solid soap,shampoo,shower gel,soap,cleansing cream,beauty fluid,anti-acne cream, washing powder,liquid detergent,wound paste,cosmetics,foam should be used to paste,toothpaste,mouthwash slobber,antibacterial dishwashing detergents,disinfectants,wound fabric antibacterial finishing agent,medical disinfectant in addition,textile and underarm odor and beriberi products sterilization,bacteriostasis and deodorant and other personal care products,antibacterial and antimicrobial fibers.



25kg per fiber drum,6mt per 20ft container


Storage & Transport

Stored in cool and airy place;away from fire and heat; handle with care; no breakage, avoid leakage.

It is valid for 2 years under proper condition.
Triclocarban(TCC) is classified as Dangerous Good for transport (UN 3077, Class 9, Packing group III)
Please refer to MSDS for more information about Safety,Storage and Transportation.

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