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CAS 100-74-3
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Physical properties

Appearance                     Colorless clear liquid, corrosive, microtoxic liquid

Density,20℃, g/cm3        0.916

Boiling point,℃               139.2

Melting point,℃              -63

Flash point,℃                  27

Refractive index              1.4415

Solubility                        Soluble in water, alcohol and ether


Appearance                   Colorless transparent liquid

Assay, %                       ≥99.00

Water, %                       ≤0.50


1) Used as intermediates for solvents, catalysts, dyes, pharmaceuticals, and surfactants.

2) Used in the production of preservatives, emulsifiers and coatings.


180kg per galvanized iron drum, 14.4mt per 20’ft;

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