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Best price Borneol lumps for sale suppliers
Best price Borneol lumps for sale
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    25kg/fiber drum
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Borneol (CAS 507-70-0) is white half-transparent crystal powder ,insoluble in water. Soluble in alcohol, chloroform, ethyl ether.Borneol can be found in several species of Heterotheca,Artemisia, Callicarpa, Dipterocarpaceae, Blumea balsamifera and Kaempferia galanga. It is also one of the chemical compounds found in castoreum. This compound is gathered from the beaver plant food.


Appearance                            White translucent lumps

Identification                          Confirms

PH value                                Confirms

Non-volatile matter,%              ≤0.035

Moisture content                     Clear

Heavy metal ,                         ppm ≤5

Arsenic,                                 ppm ≤2

Melting point,℃                      205-210

Camphor,%                            ≤0.50

Borneol content,%                  ≥55.0

Isoborneol content ,%            --


Borneol is used to heal confused state of mind, swelling and pain of eye, pharyngitis , aphtha, abscess due to pyogenic infection, apoplexy, lockjaw, fever, convulsive epilepsy, phlegmatic coma, deafness with stagnation, tympanitis, swollen wellingabscess, piles, enterobiasis and so on.Also ,it can help dispel internal heat, improve acuity of vision and remove nebula.

25kg per fiber drum.
9mt per 20ft container

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      Best price Borneol lumps for sale
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