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Bentone 38V CAS 94891-31-3
  • CAS:

  • Alias:

    Quaternary ammonium compounds, di-C16-18-alkyldime...

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  • Quality Standard:

  • Packing:

    25kg/bag or as per request.
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    Anhui, China
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    TNJ Chemical

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  • Product Details

Product Introduction

Bentone 38V CAS 94891-31-3 is a specially treated organic ammonium modified hanktor clay with excellent rheological and suspension properties, which is mainly used in medium and low grade material systems, such as mineral oil, vegetable oil, isododecane, silicone and other systems. The contents of heavy metals and microorganisms are lower than the national safety technical specifications for cosmetics (2015).



Antiperspirant, makeup, cream (eye cream, face cream), lotion, sunscreen, lipstick, conditioner, etc



- High and constant thixotropic thickening

- Control the orientation of pigments

- Reduce skin dehydration and contraction

- Solve the problem of product heating or long-term layering


Quality index

Appearance                     Light pink powder

Moisture content %         ≤3

Density g/cm3                1.6-1.8

Microbial content cfu/g    ≤100


Usage method

1) Weigh proper volume, add it into the organic phase, stir and disperse for 5min, and rotate at 1000rpm;

2) Then add the required activator (polar additive), increase the rotating speed to more than 2000 rpm, so that the product can be fully expanded and dispersed to form a homogeneous gel.

3) Add gel to the required system by metering and mix it with other formulations. The recommended addition amount in the system is 0.25% - 3%.

4) The recommended activator is propylene carbonate (PC), and the recommended amount is about 15% - 35% of the soil amount.


Packaging and storage

The packaging weight is 20 ± 0.25kg.

It is hygroscopic and must be stored under dry conditions

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      Bentone 38V CAS 94891-31-3
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