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Allethrin CAS 584-79-2
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    25kg/iron drum
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Part Name:     Allethrin

CAS No:          584-79-2

M. F:               C19H26O3

M. W:              302.4079


Appearance                           Pale yellow to amber viscous transparent liquid.

Specific gravity                      1.005-1.015(d420)

Boiling point                          140(0.1mmHg)

Flash Point                            130

Vapor Pressure                     3.3× 10-4mmHg(25)


D-allethrin is used mainly for the control of flies and mosquitoes in the home, flying and crawing insects on farm, Animals, and fleas and ticks on dogs and cats. It is formulated as Aerosol, sprays, dusts, smoke coils and mats. It isused alonely or combined with synergists(e. G. Fenitrothion) It is also available in form of emulsifiable concentrates And wettable, powders, synergistic

formulations(aerosols ordips) have been used on fruits and vegetables, post-Harvest, in storage, and in processing plants. Post-harvest use on stored grain(surface treatment)has also been Approved in some countries.


25kgs/Iron drum


Should be stored in a cool, dry and Ventilated warehouse, stay away from Oxidant, alkali

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      Allethrin CAS 584-79-2
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