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Alkyl Polyglucosides APG0810
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Alkyl polyglycosides (APG) is called a new generation of environmentally friendly green surfactant, the foreign nineties only to be industrialized. It is a non-ionic surfactant, the use of raw materials from renewable natural resources from the glucose and fatty alcohol derivatives, the alkyl polyglycoside is completely biodegradable. Such surface active agents because of its non-toxic, non-stimulating and excellent surface activity and is widely used in detergents, cosmetics, food and pharmaceutical sectors. Our development and production of quality leading APG.

1. Appearance:                  Colorless, light yellow transparent liquid
2. Alkyl Carbon number:    8-10
3. Active Matter(Wt%):     50-52
4. PH value:                     11.5-12.5
5. HLB value:                   15-16
6. Residual alcohol:          ≤1%

7. Glucose polymerization degree: 1.6-1.8


It is widely used in hard surface detergents, dish washing detergents, industrial cleaning agent, glyphosate additives, fire additives.


220kg/drum this product for non-dangerous goods.

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      Alkyl Polyglucosides APG0810
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