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4-fluorophenylacetic Acid
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    99.5% min
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Physical Chemistry

Appearance : White crystal
Purity : 99.0% min
Water : 0.5% Max
Residue on ignition: 
0.2% Max

Molecular weight: 154.131
Melting point: 82-86 °C
Boiling point: 265.3 ° C at 760 mmHg
Flash: 114.3 ° C

Steam pressure: 0.00461 mmHg at 25 ° C


English name: 4 - Fluorophenylacetic acid
English alias: p - Fluorophenylacetic acid; Acetic acid, (p - fluorophenyl) -;
CAS number: 405-50-5
EINECS number: 206-972-4

Molecular formula: C8H7FO2


Pharmaceutical Intermediates


1kg/Aluminum foil bag; 25 kg card board drum; or customized requirement.

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      4-fluorophenylacetic Acid
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