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1,3-Bis(2-hydroxyethoxy)benzene CAS 102-40-9
1,3-Bis(2-hydroxyethoxy)benzene HER CAS 102-40-9
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Buy 1,3-Bis(2-hydroxyethoxy)benzene HER CAS 102-40-9 from TNJ Chemical, China leading 1,3-Bis(2-hydroxyethoxy)benzene CAS 102-40-9 suppliers, factory & manufacturers. If you want to buy 1,3-Bis(2-hydroxyethoxy)benzene CAS 102-40-9, please mail to sales@tnjchem.com



Hydroxyl Value                                                545-565mg KOH/g

Melting Poin ℃                                                ≥83℃

Specific Gravity,100℃                                      1.16

Moisture,%                                                     ≤0.2

Specific Heat Card/G/℃                                   0.4

Melting Density100℃G/Ml                                1.16

Melt Viscosity 100℃, cp                                   13.5

Container Density (Loose) G/Ml                        0.51

Container Density (Pressing) G/Ml                    0.62

Hygroscopicity %

Placed In Dry, 50°C, 34mm Hg For 16 Hours     0.08

Placed At A Relative Humidity Of 66.5               0.39 (24°C For 168 Hours )  


HER Is A Symmetrical Aromatic Diol Chain Extender, Which Has A Good Compatibility With MDI. It Is Widely Used In PU, Cast, And Thermoplastic PU Elastomer Products. This Material Has Proven To Be Able To Maintain The Elastomer'S Durability, Elasticity, And Plasticity To A Large Extent, And To Limit Shrinkage To A Small Extent Without Contamination. At The Same Time, The Material Not Only Has The Advantages Of Aromatic Chain Extension, But Also Avoids The Deficiencies Of Rapid Crystallization Of HQEE Under Slight Cooling Conditions, And Provides Better Plasticity, Tear Strength, Initial Strength, Shore Hardness, Compression Deformation, Breakage Deformation And Low Shrinkage, Cutting Resistance, Good Flexibility, Anti-Permeability, Low Melting Point, Easy Operation And Other Special Advantages. Such As Cast Wheels, Seals, Press Pads, Non-Stick Tires, Mud Pipe Lining, Skateboard Wheels, Shoe Parts, Beverage Containers, Spandex, And Soft And Rigid Packaging Materials.


20kg/carton or as client's requested

Storage & Handling

Store in a dry, cool, well-ventilated area away from heat ,open flames, organic chemicals, oxidants and light.

Always refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for detailed information on handling and disposal.

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      1,3-Bis(2-hydroxyethoxy)benzene HER CAS 102-40-9
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