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Trimethyl Orthoformate suppliers suppliers
Trimethyl Orthoformate suppliers
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Physical properties
Appearance               Colorless & transparent liquid
Density,20℃,g/cm3   0.97
Boiling point,℃          102
Melting point,℃         -53
Flash point,℃            13
Refractive index        1.0378
Solubility:                 Soluble in ethanol & other organic solvents.

Items                     Enterprise standard
Appearance            Colorless & transparent liquid
Assay                     ≥99.4%
Methyl formate       0.20%Max
Methanol                0.30%Max
Water                     0.05Max

Color (APHA)           20Max

Synthesis:    key intermediate Synthesis
Agriculture areas: It is mainly used to synthesize azoxystrobin and some other pesticide
Medicine areas:    Use to sunthesize pipemidic acid,vitamins,cephalo-type antibiotics,etc
Other areas:        It is also widely used in coation,dye,and perfume industries

200kg/drum, 80drums per 20GP container

Safety on transportation
It belongs to common goods, always refer to MSDS.

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      Trimethyl Orthoformate suppliers
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